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Read our latest annual report (2013-14) here.


We celebrate orchards in 4 seasonal events - our Blossom Picnic, Colwall Apple Day, Colwall Mistletoe Fair and the Colwall Wassail. We also have fund raising events such as concerts, a Ceildih and Cider Tasting Adventure.



Our next event is our Dawn Chorus ramble on Sunday 11th May, lead by Tim Dixon. Tim has recently written this article on Woodpeckers for The Flycatcher.


Our volunteers have been working hard over the winter establishing our new community orchard (see below). When we have spare time from all that, we restore orchards by pruning trees and managing the mistletoe – see our members pages for details of past achievements and our calendar of future events and tasks.

Colwall Orchard Group runs a 'Sponsor a fruit tree' scheme and offers a fruit tree pruning and tree ordering services. This year we are also ran Colwall Christmas Post.

Colwall Orchard Group has been finding out more about the orchards and their wildlife.

SPONSOR A TREE SCHEME - click here to download a form:'Sponsor a fruit tree'


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promoting, celebrating and restoring traditional orchards

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